Built for Performance & Scale

Stackk is built from the ground up on AWS public cloud for superior performance and cloud scale. Superfast servers with multi-level caching ensure that your pages always load instantly.

Built for Performance & Scale

High Performance

Stackk’s infrastructure and applications are designed to deliver high performance at scale which results in fast page loads.
Fast Servers

Our servers run on AWS and are optimized for speed with cutting edge technology.

Load Balanced

Your application runs on load balanced clusters so that you are never constrained.

Optimized WordPress

Not just servers and infrastructure – we optimize even at the application level.

Multi-Level Cache

Stackk has built-in caches at multiple levels in the infrastructure from Browser Caches to Reverse Proxies and to PHP Caching. With that level of optimization, your application is sure to deliver high performance.
Multi Level Cache

Built for Cloud Scale

Cloud scale truly means infinite scalability with infrastructure that is elastic enough to handle traffic at any scale without any disruption. Rest assured – you can just focus on your business.
Spikes in Traffic

Stackk handles spikes in traffic seamlessly whether those spikes are temporary or permanent.

High Availability

With elastic infrastructure that runs behind load balanced clusters, your application is highly available.


Various components of Stackk infrastructure are architected to prevent points of failure.

Automatic Backup

Automatic Backup

We backup your site content and data once every day. Should the worst happen you’ll be able to reinstate your site from the backup. We retain your backup for 14 days.

Backup available only in paid subscription plans.

Runs on AWS

Stackk is built on AWS with cutting-edge technologies and highly scalable architecture.
Runs on AWS

Channels that Work

Engage your audience where they are. Through analytics, insights and testing you’ll know how to engage your audience through the most effective channel.


Including drip email campaigns that map to customer journey.

Push Notifications

Automated Desktop and Mobile Push notifications.


Twilio, Exotel, TextLocal or any other vendor you choose.

Focus Items

Engagement popups and forms that nudge customers to act.

Social Media

Engage users on Twitter directly from the Marketing Suite.


Configure your remarketing pixels with a click and remarket to your visitors.

Campaign Automation

Integrate your cross-channel communication with Automated Campaigns, Segments and Customer Journey Maps to deliver perfect messages at perfect times. Nurturing, Engaging and Winning your customers has never been easier.

Personalization across Channels

Deliver personalized messages across channels for better engagement and conversion.

Deliver targeted messages, run targeted campaigns based on segmentation that is dynamic and built on deep customer data.

Dynamic Content

Use ‘Dynamic Content’ feature to create personalized messages for each customer and embed the content anywhere.


Configure your campaigns to deliver messages based on how user interacts with your content and marketing communication.

Form Integration

Use integrated forms in your cross-channel communication to capture leads or augment customer data with progressive profiling.

Stackk delivers Multi-Channel Engagement.

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