Campaign Automation

Dynamic, Customized Messages

With Journey Mapper, design unique paths for prospects to follow as they interact with your messaging. Create lead-nurturing marketing campaigns, sales engagement campaigns, promotional or event campaigns, new customer on-boarding and retention campaigns, and more… the possibilities are endless.

Nurture Prospects

Drip or nurture campaigns are a great way to keep your communication in front of prospects at the right time. You can easily build automated campaigns to include customized messaging. As the prospects begin to respond, a relevant sequence of messages can be sent and a variety of automated actions can be triggered based on the prospect’s unique actions.

Multiple Triggers

Campaign Automation can be triggered in multiple ways. You can launch campaigns automatically when someone interacts with an email, submits a form or is added to or removed from a list. Prospects can be added to automations by associating segments with the automation.

Timed Communications

Add timers to an automated campaign to wait a specific amount of time before continuing the participant to the next action. Wait timers can be set for a period of minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months. Date timers pause the automation until a specific date and time.